Wedding photography at St Anne's Church and Old Hall Hotel, Buxton, Derbyshire. The bride holds bouquet close to her face whilst looking straight at the photographer


Frequently Asked Questions

I aim to make your whole wedding photography experience enjoyable and worry-free. Hopefully some of your questions are answered below, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with further questions or for more information.
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How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

Working in an informal and friendly way. I strive to avoid the more intrusive style of excessively formal wedding photography and rather reflect the warmth and real joy of the day. Everyone should feel relaxed throughout the whole day, making the photography a thoroughly enjoyable part of the wedding for everyone involved.

My style is informal with an eye constantly open for the pictures that really make your wedding what it is. However I don’t hide away in the background, preferring to document what’s happening from within. No creeping around in the bushes!

Using modern mirrorless (and fully professional) cameras means they aren’t so big as to scare the living daylights out of people. That’s something that really helps to put the bride and groom and their guests at ease. In the right hands this really helps people feel completely relaxed about having the photographer around.

How much time do you take over the formal group shots?

The group shots can be a wonderful part of the day for everyone involved when done in a nice way. They can be made enjoyable and fun and are a great way to make sure that all your guests feel involved.

Whilst a balance has to be struck, It’s important to do them quite quickly. They should never be allowed to take over the afternoon. Not keeping the caterers waiting is also important.

Fitting in with your day is important.. If there are only 45 minutes before guests are called in to the dining room, then the formal wedding photographs can generally be done in this time. Efficient ushers are often a big help here. If there is longer, then there wil be time to intersperse posed photographs with socialising for the bride and groom. Taking hours and hours to do every possible formal picture imaginable is not something I ever do.

Do you take many formal group photographs?

Doing every possible combination of family and friends and so on is not something I recommend. A list of around eight different group photographs works nicely. I generally start with the big group and reduce the groups down – works great!


wedding photography of bride in large doorway at Kirtlington Park
Black and white image of bride looking out of the window at Losehill House
What happens if the photographer is ill on the day?

Working and communicating with a few good wedding photographers, on occasion I have actually stood in myself for other photographers when they themselves haven’t been able to get to a wedding through illness.

I have connections with quite a few photographers who I can call upon if they’re available and who I can trust with your wedding photography. I’m also a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography who can often be of help.

In addition, I am a member of, amongst others, a private online group called “The UK Wedding Photographers Emergency Cover Group”. This group is very much a closed group for those who specialise professionally in wedding photography and is a potentially very useful source of help. In particular I know that quite a lot of photographers have been able to get help this way during covid.

Are you insured?

Yes I have full professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

What happens if a camera or card fails?

I carry two identical camera bodies to allow instant access to different lenses. I use the bodies approximately 50:50.

In addition I always have a spare camera in the bag, so even in the rare event of camera failure I can just carry on shooting and with no effect on previously taken images.  

Each camera simultaneously writes each image to two different cards, so in the extremely rare event of a card failure, all images are safely backed up to a second card.

What happens after the wedding? How secure are my wedding photographs?

The initial image files are duplicated and safely backed up to an off-site server.

Images are then carefully edited and processed and the finished images uploaded to another off-site server from where you can view your own password-protected web pages.

How do you produce black & white?

Having had experience of hand printing in the professional darkroom I am really keen on producing quality black and white. Some wedding photographs really lend themselves to this whilst others really do need colour.

I initially provide most of the wedding photographs in colour with some in black & white. Colour versions of the black & whites will also be included on your USB.

What kind of albums do you offer?

There are two distinct album types: digital and matted. There are of course further choices, particularly of cover styles, within the two categories.

I use Jorgensen matted albums from Australia and for digital albums I use British made and printed albums by SIM2000, both of which I believe are amongst the very best available. I do have accounts with other companies should you have any more specific requests.

Are you familiar with my venue?

I have photographed weddings at many venues across Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Derbyshire as well as much further afield. For a wedding photographer Losehill House, The Maynard, Chatsworth, Whitley Hall, Whirlowbrook, East Lodge (the list goes on) are all wonderful venues.

You may just have found somewhere that I haven’t photographed before but you shouldn’t worry about it. If I haven’t been there before I will always have a good look round beforehand and make sure that I have seen the place with a fresh, creative and experienced eye.

I'd just like to have a chat about our wedding photography

If you would like to come and meet, you would be made extremely welcome. Just e-mail me so that we can arrange a suitable time.

I can then show you some sample albums as well as a slideshow of recent favourites. We can just have a very informal chat about your wedding photography. You can then decide afterwards if I’m the right person for you to look after your wedding photography.

Never any pressure!


What is needed for booking?

I ask you to read and sign a contract (nothing too scary) and to make a first payment of £250.00. Once that’s all done I will issue a receipt and confirmation and your wedding photography is all set until nearer the time.

Ideally a few weeks before the wedding we will need to get together to go through the arrangements. The full packages also include an engagement shoot which is something to look forward to. If meanwhile you have any queries or need advice, then I’m just a phone call or e-mail away.

Please say hello – I’d love to hear about your wedding!

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reportage wedding photograph of bridesmaids looking at bride's wedding ring.