wedding photograph of a bride with her bouquet in the park near the Old Hall Hotel in Buxton. Wedding photography training

For Photographers – Training in Wedding Photography.

A Training Day to show how shooting weddings can be such a buzz!

There are more photographers than ever before wanting to break into wedding photography. In addition, there are many more who have already made that jump and who are looking for a real boost through training. Some detailed help in the form of a training day with a seasoned and experienced photographer can really make a difference.

Aren’t there lots of Wedding Photography Training Courses?

There are many training courses out there that largely revolve around shooting models, with delegates following the photographer and shooting over his or her shoulder. These can be very useful and inspirational as hands-on help in improving your photography mindset, specifically posing of the bride and groom. It can be worth signing up to such a course just for that experience, perhaps as a complement to this course.

Working with professional models is not the same as working with someone who has no experience in front of the camera though. Working with professional models is great, and you soon learn just why they earn their fees! They are mind readers and quite brilliant at what they do, but working with a bride and groom is a different ballgame altogether. Also there’s so much more to photographing a wedding than posing portraits, so my training course is an intensive learning day which involves a lot of analysis of existing photographs.

I’ve been on various such shooting days myself over the years and they are ideal for inspiration and for seeing how others work. But over lunch I have heard delegates commenting that they felt somewhat overwhelmed. Some have said that they were hoping for more help with the nuts and bolts of the whole wedding day.

Something a little more “nuts and bolts” than shooting models

So, having photographed hundreds of weddings myself, I want to share some of that experience and enthusiasm. Hence this quite comprehensive training day. Obviously you can’t learn everything in one day, but if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves, join in and have some fun too, you can make huge progress. An existing level of expertise in photography is assumed.

To give you an idea, I think some of the comments on this page might give you an idea of how I work and what I’m like. It’s very much about people!

Where and how much does it cost?

To see more details, including what the course entails, please go to the Training for Wedding Photographers page.

The courses are held at the Sir William Hotel in Grindleford. The Sir William is in a gorgeous location in the Derbyshire Peak District. Peaceful and perfect for learning, it’s close to Sheffield and is easily reached from Manchester.

The day isn’t expensive:
£95.00 per delegate, but just £170.00 for two if you sign up together.

View from the Sir William Hotel in the Derbyshire Peak District. Venue for training courses in photography

If you think this might be for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

If you would like something more tailored to your needs such as, for example, image processing, I’m always happy to offer one to one sessions. Please do ask.

Oh, and it doesn’t need to be specifically weddings!  If a member of your family could do with some help with their photography and you’re at a loss for a Christmas present, I may well be able to help!

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