Training for Wedding Photographers

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Training for Wedding Photographers in the heart of the beautiful Peak District.

An intensive and enjoyable one day training course for wedding photographers…


Training for wedding photographers showing lots of confetti at a wedding in Buxton, Derbyshire


The Training for Wedding Photographers course is aimed at the photographer who wishes to advance their wedding photography to the next level. The photographer who is keen to photograph weddings with more confidence and who wishes to learn a great deal in a day about how to make their wedding photography a great experience for their clients and also for themselves.

Whether you’re looking to branch out into shooting weddings, or whether you’ve already shot some weddings, this course should be a real boost for you. Training for wedding photographers covers shooting and processing, right through to attitudes and getting the best out of people. Not only how to do bridal portraits but an analysis of the whole day.

The day involves quite intense study, but will be thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and rewarding. There will be no more than a handful of delegates, all of whom are encouraged to actively participate.

One to one mentoring is also available.

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Black and white wedding photography for training wedding photographers. A bride enters a Derbyshire church

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Training for wedding photographers covers…

• View the images from a complete wedding from start to finish.

• The wedding step by step. Dividing the day into sections, and discussion of each part of the day. Dealing with people.

• Discussion and thorough analysis of individual images from each part of the day. This will include not only the very best ones, but also some images that weren’t quite such a success and we will discuss why they didn’t work so well. How could they have been done better? These will not only be portraits of the couple, but analysis of the other images that make up the day.

• Shooting. Where to pitch your informal/formal balance. Watching, observing – what are we looking for? Seeing the light, the emotion, composition, anticipation. Posing for the portraits. Group photographs that guests enjoy being a part of.

• Processing. Basic screen calibration using hardware. Processing plus use and set-up of Lightroom. We will process some images from the original RAW files.

• Equipment required for the day, from bare minimum to the ultimate set-up. Carrying that equipment (yes, that’s seriously important!). Using that equipment, from metering to the manual/auto debate. What equipment I personally use and why. Your equipment.

• Portfolio review. Please bring a few jpegs on a USB for us to have a look at and we can discuss them in detail. Again, don’t necessarily just cherry pick your best, but also bring some that you know could have been done better.

• Delegates are encouraged to join in throughout the day and ask questions about any aspects of wedding photography.

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The Location…

The course is held at the Sir William Hotel in Grindleford.

This is quite a small country hotel and wedding venue. Beautifully located in the heart of the Peak District, just south of Sheffield, the Sir William lies right in the heart of stunning walking and climbing country. It’s a wonderful place to be, so weather permitting we can enjoy breaks outdoors on the terrace surrounded by the hills of the Hope Valley.

You could even combine the course with some leisure time in this lovely area. I can usually arrange favourable rates on accommodation (subject to availablity) for you to stay over.

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View from the Sir William Hotel, venue for training for wedding photographers

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Course times: 10.00am – 5.30pm.

Nearest station: Grindleford (Manchester – Sheffield line).  Just 20 minutes walk away but free transport to and from the station can be arranged.


The Cost: £95.00 per person. Includes sandwich lunch and refreshments.
Reduced rate for two delegates together:  £170.00.

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Link to British Institute of Professional Photography

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And the photographer…

I’ve been a wedding photographer for quite some years now and have photographed something like 500 weddings. I absolutely love it and experience has made it all so much better. Being relaxed and confident on the day is a vital part of it all. I know what it’s like in the early days so I want to help people get a much more confident start.

Do have a look at some of my recent images here or go to the gallery. You can also see what clients have said in their kind cards, letters and messages here.

I’ve been in photography and photographic processing all my working life, and even some time before that! Before I started concentrating on weddings some years ago, commissioned work took me from houses in the hills of Tuscany to landscapes in New England. From English stately homes to steelworks in Sheffield. I’ve also spent time in the professional laboratory environment. I’ve done film processing and colour and black & white hand printing. That’s why I’m as passionate about the processing side as I am about the photography itself. Image quality is extremely important to me.

After years of photographing so many couples’ amazing days I’m still every bit as enthusiastic about photographing weddings as ever!

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Sheffield wedding photographer John Mottershaw posing for portrait.

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I’d love you to get in touch. Do please give me a call, e-mail or fill in the form below. Thanks – would be great to hear from you!

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