Award-winning wedding photography


Award-winning wedding photography

I’ve just received the news that the images I entered into the IPPN January image competition have received silver and bronze awards. The award winning images are shown below, along with my previous IPPN award winners from last year .

IPPN is the Independent Professional Photographers’ Network, of which I’m a founder member. This is a group of professional photographers in various countries who network together, compare notes and generally work together in pursuit of the highest standards. Through the IPPN I stood in for a fellow wedding photographer last year when he was in hospital and unable to shoot a wedding. It’s good to know that there’s a network of photographers who would hopefully do the same if anything happened to me. For extra peace of mind, I also have access to many fellow wedding photographers as a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

Being a member of a group such as this not only helps me to keep up to date on the latest trends in the industry, but it also provides a support structure which is so incredibly helpful.  As I generally work from home its really nice to have other like-minded photographers to chat to.  I’m also able to offer help and advice to less experienced photographers who are starting out in the industry and need a helping hand.  All in all its a wonderful group!


January 2012:

Bride arrives in car, looking at wedding photographer

bride and groom share a moment with their wedding photographer


September 2011:


August 2011:


June 2011:


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